Online poker room players, like most players of any poker game, love to keep an eye on their “lives” and if there is an app for that, Poker Stars is a wonderful choice. I know that poker rooms generally use poker software as the backbone for all of their games, but Poker Stars also has a good selection of licensed versions of the most popular poker games that can be downloaded to your mobile device. So, if you have a mobile device, which seems to be pretty much everyone these days, you may want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn how to play the latest games that are available to you.

poker stars

There is no doubt that you will be able to follow your live game play from your computer or desktop, but there is a convenience that playing poker on your mobile device offers that can’t be found in most other forms of poker play. For example, when you are watching a live tournament in real time you know exactly what the table is doing, you can see who is winning and losing, and you can look at the times that they are calling, raising or folding. However, when you are using Poker Stars, you don’t have the luxury of these things.

When you are in a live game of poker on Poker Stars, the table activity is transparent and the way that the actions are relayed is very clear. You can tell who is playing each hand based on the table cards and on the movements of the players. This is an advantage because it means that you can learn how to play when you are watching the live tournament on TV or in person.

Poker Stars also has some good, “civilized” tournament play that can be followed live, but, unlike in a live game, when you watch it on the big screen, the tables tend to be more conservative and the players have to be careful that they don’t reveal too much information about themselves. In a tournament, your opponents are sitting at home watching the action on the TV, and many of them are playing the same game as you. You want to be able to know how to play a hand, so you want to hide that information as much as possible. However, in a poker tournament there are plenty of people that play a lot better than you, so you can bet on the right hands and continue to look at the bigger picture.

Of course, when you are watching a live poker tournament on Poker Stars, you know that the key to success is making strong bets on the turn and river. The other benefit of being able to play on your mobile device is that you can really follow the action without interruption or distraction. When you are trying to get the big winner out and to increase your bankroll, your brain needs to focus as well as your eyes.

Poker Stars can also help you with the mental skill that comes with mastering the poker strategy that will make you the next World Series of Poker champion. That’s right, poker strategy is part of what Poker Stars does well, and the lessons you can learn from the poker room can help you win tournaments and money on the Internet. Poker Stars has even put together a series of “how to” videos that can teach you a great deal about playing against the poker experts that are there and watching them play to improve your game.

And that’s not all that Poker Stars has to offer. It has also set up a “cash for diamonds” program where players can win real cash for placing “diamonds” or better in real life tournaments. In fact, I was lucky enough to have won my first online jackpot in a tournament from this program and it was really exciting to have it happen to me.

To summarize, you can see why it’s a wonderful choice to download Poker Stars to your mobile device so that you can enjoy a real-time tournament play and learn from the pros and learn the best poker strategy. You can watch your live tournament and poker games on your TV and hear about the results of tournaments played online on Poker Stars while you’re reading tips about how to improve your poker play and improve your bankroll.